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“I am afraid of getting older. I am afraid of getting married. Spare me from cooking three meals a day—spare me from the relentless cage of routine and rote. I want to be free… I want, I want to think, to be omniscient.”

Sylvia Plath written in 1949 at age 17.

Title:너라고 (It's You)
Artist:Super Junior
493 plays

 다시 태어난 대도 오직  뿐이라고


Even if I’m born again, it’s only you. 

Yongguk in LOE Dallas. © ©

“There are lots of people cooler than Yongguk, but you are the one and only Yongguk.” was something that stuck in my memory. My grandfather actually said this to me. — Bang Yongguk.


I grow super attached to people so please give me a 60 day warning before I stop existing to you.

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